Sunday 28 April 2013

Our last day in Voss

So our last day in Voss was spent packing in the morning. I went to the Voss Vind indoor skydiving......for a second time! Then we all met at Peppes pizza for our last tea in Norway, we finished the evening at our favorite cafe Tre Brør. We leave Voss early tomorrow morning, I will really miss Voss especially the beautiful mountains! I think the hills in Shetland will look very small when we get back.

I have loved every minute of my time in Norway and I have learnt so much from the work placements! 
I hope I can come back to Voss very soon!!

Mhairi : )

Friday 26 April 2013


Week 4 - I spent five days from 9:00 - 15:30 working in the Voss Kulturhus Bibliotek (library)

Monday 22 - I was introduced to the Bibliotek and given a tour around the different sections and a look at their computer system.  Soon I was taught about checking-in books through a scanner and how to put which book in which section.

Tuesday 23 - This was World Book Day, so I helped set up a quiz for children about the library for 10-15yolds and who's who for 0-9yolds.  The children also drew covers of their favourite books, which I helped display in the library.

I also stamped newspapers and new books, then registering them into the computer system.  Then I shelved returned books, following the codes.

Wednesday 24 - I showed the staff of the Kulturhus Bibliotek a presentation about Shetland.  I told them about myself, Shetland, Lerwick, Brae and Shetland College.  I also talked about Up-Helly-Aa.  They were impressed with my effort.

I also calculated results from the quiz on the 23rd.  The winners of which will be awarded with books.  Then I stamped and registered new books and shelved more books.

Thursday 25 - Came to work earlier (8:30) to go with Olav on the mobile library.  We went to two primary schools outside of town.  I thought it went well.  When I came back to the library, I checked more books back in and shelved them.

Friday 26 - We were meant to be playing Wii Sports as it was my last day, but it was cancelled due to technical difficulties.  I recycled old newspapers, made log-in cards and put books back into shelves again.  But I was allowed to leave early (14:15) since it was my last day.

All in all, this was a great experience that I will remember.


Thursday 25 April 2013

Don't want to leave..

I can't believe how fast the time has gone! Three whole weeks have past and I have finished at the Kindergarden. It has been such an amazing experience and I've loved every single second of it! All the children and staff were so welcoming and helped me settle in.
During my time there, I have learned more and more Norwegian which I know I will go home saying! The children have been so helpful in telling me what things are called and generally speaking to me in Norwegian (remembering that they are only 3yrs and below!)
The experience itself has been one i will never forget! It's shocking how close to home Norway is, yet how much different two places can be. When I first arrived I was shocked to discover just how much time they spend outside! But now, after spending 3 weeks working there, I don't think I would have it any other way. It is so refreshing to see how keen the children are to go out and play in the puddles and sand without any care in the world.
The staff at Bjokeli have been so nice to me and have tried so hard to speak English when around me. They have made me feel very included and apart of the Kindergarden since the first day I started. We all went for a meal at Peppes Pizza to say goodbye last night and it was such a lovely night.
Saying goodbye today was hard. The whole day today has felt quite emotional but saying goodbye to all the children and staff this afternoon was one of the hardest things I've had to do! I will miss the all very much and I will defiantly be returning to visit them all in the near future!


Tuesday 23 April 2013

Where has da time gone?!

Canna believe dat in a weeks time I will be hom again, wir time in Voss has just flown by! I am really going to miss my placement when I go hom, da bairns and all da teachers are so lovely and have been so welcoming. I feel dat I have learned so much aboot da school system in Norway and how it differs to dat of Shetland. Some of da bairns at SFO seem ta have become fond of me and I have come back to da hostel on many occasions with many pictures and a couple of friendship bracelets! It is going to be really sad ta have ta say goodbye to dem :( I have also learned more aboot da language and even though I cannot speak Norwegian very well I can understand more of what people are trying to say to me or ask me to do, which is a very nice feeling :) Da bairns have really gotten me involved in playing softball and 'cuppy' (as we called it when I was at primary school). 
As well as placement, I have surprisingly enjoyed learning how ta cook better and baking while I have been here. I have made bannocks danight fir da teachers at da school ta try damorn! I hoop they like dem :)
I have also really enjoyed exploring Norway! Travelling to Bergen, and even just wandering aroond Voss, has been fantastic! Such a beautiful place :) however, dis week da weather seems to have taken a turn fir da worst :( 
All in all, I have loved my time here but I am also looking forward ta getting hom again, and hoopfully da weather shall clear up again afore we leave :)

Monday 22 April 2013

First day of weaving- Abby, Andrea and Mhairi

Today was a completely new experience at Vevstova! We began our last work placement at a weaving company, participating in weaving traditional patterns. We were greeted by about 10 women who all create beautiful and complicated weaving patterns that represent something special, such as a baptism, wedding or part of the Bunad etc. They were all very friendly and were willing to help us learn these traditions as they are very important to them.

They gave us four different patterns to choose from that they thought would be easy enough to complete in a week. At first it was a bit daunting as the looms look very complicated but after their help and advice we were soon making our own weavings.

At lunch time we had tea and cake which was very sweet and welcoming. We are looking forward to seeing the finishing results to take home and show the college! :)

Abby, Andrea and Mhairi

Saturday 20 April 2013


April 20 - a day in Bergen.  Andrea and Vanessa went from Voss to Bergen by train after 8:00.  Mhairi, Abby, Megan and John (me!) left at 10:00 (we wanted a lie in.)

When we got to Bergen, we walked to the Bryggen and did some shopping.  I carried 3 of my own bags back!  I searched for The Viking Shop in the Bryggen to find a specific necklace, but the shop closed down a year and a half ago.  Never mind!  I got some good ornaments and souvenirs.

Me, Megan and Abby went to the Bryggen Museum, which had old pottery and objects, even skulls, in the permanent exhibition and the history of shoes in the temporary exhibition.

We all had lunch in the Habour Cafe and went up Mt. Fløyen via FløiBanen trains.  The view from the top was indescribable!

Mhairi and me went back to Voss at 17:11 and everyone else went on the 19:00 train after more wandering around the streets of Bergen.

All in all - worth the trip!

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Andrea and Mhairi's second week of work placement!

Already, we are into the second week at Bunad og Kle Loftet! Time is going by very quickly and we have learnt a lot from the staff. Today we were helping to organize the suits for rental as there is a big celebration coming up in May. This included last minute preparations such as sewing on buttons, checking the measurements of the clothing, cleaning the silver, pressing the jackets and ironing shirts etc.

The staff have been really helpful and give clear instructions on what they want done. They have shown us how to properly tailor men's suits, giving great tips and techniques from their 35 years of experience.


In the afternoon, we were also shown how to do the embroidery that goes on the woman's waistcoats. It seemed quite complicated to begin with but we soon got the hang of it. Here is a sample of the bead work;